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19th May 2014

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Someone Stop him Please ..This is not good at all ㅠㅠ

23rd February 2014

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23rd February 2014

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not just followers, everyone.


I’m here if any of you need to talk<3

Argentina Suicide Hotlines

Armenia Suicide Hotlines

Australia Suicide Hotlines

Austria Suicide Hotlines

Barbados Suicide Hotlines

Belgium Suicide Hotlines

Botswana Suicide Hotlines

Brazil Suicide Hotlines

Canada Suicide Hotlines

China Suicide Hotlines

Croatia Suicide Hotlines

Cyprus Suicide Hotlines

Denmark Suicide Hotlines

Egypt Suicide Hotlines

Estonia Suicide Hotlines

Fiji Suicide Hotlines

Finland Suicide Hotlines

France Suicide Hotlines

Germany Suicide Hotlines

Ghana Suicide Hotlines

Gibraltar Suicide Hotlines

Hong Kong Suicide Hotlines

Hungary Suicide Hotlines

India Suicide Hotlines

Ireland Suicide Hotlines

Israel Suicide Hotlines

Italy Suicide Hotlines

Japan Suicide Hotlines

Liberia Suicide Hotlines

Lithuania Suicide Hotlines

Malaysia Suicide Hotlines

Malta Suicide Hotlines

Mauritius Suicide Hotlines

Namibia Suicide Hotlines

Netherlands Suicide Hotlines

New Zealand Suicide Hotlines

Norway Suicide Hotlines

Paupua New Guinea Suicide Hotlines

Philippines Suicide Hotlines

Poland Suicide Hotlines

Portugal Suicide Hotlines

Russian Federation Suicide Hotlines

Somoa Suicide Hotlines

Serbia Suicide Hotlines

Singapore Suicide Hotlines

South Africa Suicide Hotlines

South Korea Suicide Hotlines

Spain Suicide Hotlines

Sri Lanka Suicide Hotlines

St. Vincent Suicide Hotlines

Sudan Suicide Hotlines

Sweden Suicide Hotlines

Switzerland Suicide Hotlines

Taiwan Suicide Hotlines

Thailand Suicide Hotlines

Tobago Suicide Hotlines

Tonga Suicide Hotlines

Trinidad and Tobago Suicide Hotlines

Turkey Suicide Hotlines

Ukraine Suicide Hotlines

United Kingdom Suicide Hotlines

United States Suicide Hotlines

Zimbabwe Suicide Hotlines

The best part is, this post actually does something, it offers support, unlike one of those useless “reblog if you care” posts.

Yooo my country’s not in this list so here’s the suicide hotline for Indonesia: (+62)21-500454

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21st February 2014

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This is absolutely terrifying. Just look at it, it is so real and astonishing. You need to reblog this. I don’t care if you’re used to reblogging orange, teenage girls with vans on. I don’t care if you’re used to reblogging vintage or photography. This is real. You can even see the fury in his eyes. The tense muscles in between his fingers. The heavy breathing. reblog this. NOW.in all seriousness thoughM..my heart just stopped… ;~;Guys, you’ve got to reblog this. It’s reality and it needs to be brought to everyone’s attention.I lost a friend to this kind of harassment. I really don’t want to remind myself of everything that happened so I won’t say a word about it. All I will say is, he was one of my best friends and the kindest person I had ever known. The pain I went through after his death was indescribable. I want you all to know that it’s not easing knowing that someone you love had such thoughts that they didn’t deserve living anymore. I’m not good with words at all so please excuse this lousy paragraph I have attempted to write to move you. I am serious though. Don’t ignore this.i’m going to reblog forever.This kills me, please stop this.it seriously hurts to know people say thishow the fuck could you possibly send someone hate, or make rude comments when you know all to well that this could be the outcome, makes me sick. somebody please stop this from happening.


One message can push someone over the edge. 

We humans are a disgrace to the world.

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21st February 2014

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21st February 2014

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21st February 2014

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don’t cha? 


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26th October 2013

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60/100 Jaejoong pics

26th October 2013

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-A ChangMin Scenario requested by shineechicken-

It was cold Saturday night and you’re waiting for him with a hot Americano outside the doors of his company. ‘5 more mins to 10’ You thought to yourself, slightly jogging on the spot to heat up yourself as a wave of cool breeze came along. ‘Just another 2 more mins..’ you whispered and finally, the doors opened, with your man running towards you. ‘Yah pabo ah! I told you to wait for me at the train station! Let’s go now before you freeze to death!’ ChangMin laughs as he envelopes you, walking you to his car. ‘Americano for me?’ He pull the warm drink out from your grip , taking sips. ‘Here, have some.’ You gratefully took the coffee back, letting the warmth of the drink flow through your body.

‘Detour?! You gotta be kidding me…’ ChangMin complained as he steers the car away from the usual route. ‘Looks like we’re going on an adventure!’ He chirped and pecked on your cheek. ‘You know Jagiya, oppa has never been on this side of the district before..’ You choked on the coffee upon hearing his confession. ‘Are we lost oppa?’ ‘Likely.. Let me check the GPS.’ Bringing the car to a halt, he pulled out his phone. ‘I can’t get any connection here… Lend me your phone babe.’ You passed him your phone to see a frown on his face. ‘No connection either.. WAIT. WHO IS THIS GUY?!’ ChangMin shoved your phone in your face. It was your phone wallpaper, a picture of your new fav. JUNG EUN WOO. ‘The Korean celeb! You know~ Jung Eun Woo~’ ‘Ara! But why is he your wallpaper?! Changed it.’ He sulked with a firm tone. Laughing out loud, you took your phone back. ‘So now what? How do we get out of here oppa?’ You asked while browsing through your gallery finding a picture to set as your next wallpaper. ‘I don’t know either, I’ll just drive around?’ ChangMin started the engine again and drove on. The both of you were chatting happily, laughing at the funny mistakes YunHo made during vocal practices when suddenly BAM! The car hit something. ‘OMO OPPA! What happened?’ the both of you were startled, with eyes almost popping out of their sockets. ‘I don’t know either!’ ChangMin stopped the car and the both of you got out of it to see what actually happened. You were so certain that the car hit something before but there was none to be found. There wasn’t even a scratch on the car or its tires.  ‘Let’s just go now, Jagiya.’ ChangMin grabbed your arm and he drove away as quickly as possible.

The car drove endlessly down the road, passing houses and houses of abandoned residences. ‘There’s a signboard over there!’ You pointed out, hoping that it might be directions that would lead you guys out of this maze. ChangMin drove nearer towards it and stopped the car. ‘I can’t read it from here.. Gotta go down and get abit closer.’ He sighed and signaled you to go as well. You followed closely behind him, feeling uneasy as he walked towards the board. ‘CORPSE ROAD?!’ ChangMin blurted out loud. Taking a quick glance around your surroundings, you blinked hard. ‘Oppa.. I feel that we’re being watched…’ You tucked his sleeve, digging a way in into his chest. ‘Jagiya, don’t think too much, we’ll be fine.’ He pats your back and wraps you under his arm. ‘You kids shouldn’t be here.’ A deep voice broke the noisy silence of your breathings. ChangMin held you tighter and turned to the direction of the voice. It was an old man. ‘Go down that path and turn left. You’ll reach the big road.’ The old man said and left. ChangMin thanked the old man but he never looked back.  ‘What a creepy night uh..’ ChangMin murmured as he walked you back to the car.  

[hope you like it(: ] 

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25th October 2013

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Drop me a msg if you want any request for db5k scenarios~ individual ones  will do to~ but only dbsk > <

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